Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

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Dermatological skin care

For better
For better
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quality of life

The Derma brands Eucerin and Aquaphor have been performing well for years, and we have also laid the foundation for an even more successful future. Clinical studies and intensive collaboration with dermatologists have been instrumental in this success.

Life-changing power Scientifically proven effect

“Our game-changing innovations and state-of-the-art science enable us to offer clinically and dermatologically proven skin care solutions that will change lives by treating widespread skin problems,” says Dr. Zorica Milinic, the Global Director of Medical Management for Derma at Beiersdorf. “It is a process in which dermatologists play a key role. We work together with them to study the objective condition of the skin before treatment and the improvement of the skin’s condition following the application of our dermocosmetic products.”

In 2023, about 140 such trials were conducted for Eucerin alone. “This close working relationship with dermatologists is part of Eucerin’s DNA,” Dr. Zorica Milinic adds. “Eucerin is the first dermocosmetic skin care brand in the world. Its success is based on groundbreaking scientific work and trail-blazing innovations. This work includes the discovery of Thiamidol, the sole inhibitor that was developed with human tyrosinase.” High-performance life-cycle management studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and tolerability of Thiamidol over and over again – a figure that now totals more than 70 clinical trials on more than 7,000 patients of all skin types.

Following the successful introduction of Thiamidol in the anti-pigment, acne, sun and anti-aging series, the active ingredient is increasingly being used in Eucerin body care. “Last year, we achieved our goal of breaking the €1 billion barrier in sales much earlier than planned. We really believe that the rapid-paced growth will continue. And scientific studies and a close working relationship with skin experts from all parts of the world will do their part here as well.”

Dr. Zorica Milinic, Global Director Medical Management Derma (portrait)

Dr. Zorica Milinic

Global Director Medical Management Derma

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> €1.2 bn.

in sales


organic sales growth, double-digit growth of 20% or more for the third straight year


organic sales growth in the Latin America region

Ivan Reyes Head of Derma Lateinamerika (portrait)

Ivan Reyes

Head of Derma Latin America

Latin America In the fast lane

We’ve seen demand for Eucerin and Aquaphor increase considerably across all regions of the world. But the most impressive growth rates have been in Latin America: “With an average yearly growth rate of 30% during the last five years, the Derma business has been overwhelmingly successful here,” says Ivan Reyes, Head of Derma Latin America at Beiersdorf. “We expect that this trend will continue for some years to come.”

One reason for this is that Latin American consumers really like Eucerin and Aquaphor, particularly in the categories of sun care, hyperpigmentation, and acne. These are areas where the patented active ingredient Thiamidol plays a key role. Another reason is the tremendous growth potential. Even though Beiersdorf’s Derma products are well-established in various regions of Latin America, such countries as Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia have huge growth potential that is just waiting to be tapped. “We intend to accelerate the pace of our Derma business by working closely with dermatologists, conducting digital marketing and e-commerce – and improving the lives of people in Latin America who suffer from skin problems over the long term,” Reyes says.

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Dermatological skin care can change lives The fight against stigmatization

Many people with visible skin ailments suffer exclusion and stigmatization, which may result in considerable psychological and emotional hardship. To change this situation, Beiersdorf’s Derma brands have created a social mission: Eucerin and Aquaphor are involved in social projects in 15 countries to improve the lives of people with skin ailments.

A large number of different skin ailments are addressed: In the United States, Beiersdorf is working with the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types (FIRST) to support young adults with ichthyosis. In Italy, the company is collaborating with the International Institute for Social Medicine and Anthropology to provide both dermatological and psychological care to homeless people. And in Germany, Beiersdorf is campaigning to put an end to the stigmatization surrounding psoriasis in an alliance with the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Center and the German Psoriasis Association.

Refills for jars:
90 percent less plastic

A new packaging concept for Eucerin’s Hyaluron-Fillers has been developed: When a cream is used up, only the inner jar containing fresh cream will serve as a refill package. The outer jar and lid can be reused. This change will reduce plastic consumption from 89 grams to 8 grams of packaging weight – a reduction of about 90 percent. Another milestone: Since the end of 2023, the entire Eucerin cosmetics range has been free from microplastics*.

* As defined by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Eucerin jar with refill package (photo)