Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

8. Financial Result

(in € million)






Interest income





Interest expense





Net pension result





Other financial result









Interest income primarily resulted from “cash and cash equivalents”, “current securities”, and “non-current securities”. It includes interest income from financial investments recognized at amortized cost of €15 million (previous year: €15 million). The interest income from financial investments recognized at fair value through other comprehensive income amounted to €2 million (previous year: €2 million). In addition, interest income also includes income relating to tax reassessments. Interest expense includes, among other things, interest expenditure relating to tax reassessments as well as interest expenditure from lease liabilities in the amount of €6 million (previous year: €1 million). The pension result includes expenses from the compounding of the net pension obligation entered into in previous years. The other financial result includes positive effects from financial assets and from the change in the fair value of current securities categorized as “at fair value through profit or loss” (FVPL). This is offset by negative effects from financial transactions, exchange rate developments and impairment losses on operating investments.

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