Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

Consolidated Group, Acquisitions, and Divestments

Consolidated Group

In addition to Beiersdorf AG, the consolidated financial statements include 15 (previous year: 14) German and 169 (previous year: 171) international companies whose financial and business policies Beiersdorf AG is able to control either directly or indirectly.

In the year under review, three new companies were included in the consolidated financial statements. In addition, three companies were wound up and one company was sold.

Beiersdorf AG’s shareholdings

Disclosures of Beiersdorf AG’s shareholdings are made in the section entitled “Additional Information.” The list shows those companies/equity interests in which Beiersdorf AG holds 5% or more of the shares and/or voting rights.

Significant acquisitions

The purchase price allocation of S-Biomedic was finalized in fiscal year 2023. This did not result in any significant changes. The cash-generating unit for S-Biomedic was defined as a group of companies through which marketing takes place in the individual markets and thus the cash flows are generated.

No acquisitions were made in the course of the fiscal year 2023.

Significant divestments

With effect from June 30, 2023, Beiersdorf CEE Holding GmbH sold its shares in the subsidiary Beiersdorf Daily Chemical (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. for a consideration of €27 million The subsidiary most recently held leasehold land (including buildings), the sale of which was the reason for the sale of the shares. The assets sold as part of the sale of the shares were most recently classified as non-current assets held for sale and recognized accordingly. The result from the sale of the company totalling €11 million is fully allocated to special factors.

There were no other significant divestments in the Group in the reporting year.

Exercise of exemption options

The following German affiliates included in the consolidated financial statements of Beiersdorf AG exercised the exemption option under § 264 (3) HGB in fiscal year 2023:

  • Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg
  • Beiersdorf Manufacturing Berlin GmbH, Berlin
  • Beiersdorf Manufacturing Waldheim GmbH, Waldheim
  • La Prairie Group Deutschland GmbH, Baden-Baden
  • Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH, Hamburg
Sold subsidiaries or business segments.
The equity of a company indicates the difference between the value of assets and liabilities.
Special Factors
Special factors are income or expenses from one-time, non-operational business transactions.
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